In addition to tattooing, I love making videos for my YouTube channel. They are full of tattoo-related comedy and satire. Many viewers who happen upon them without context think that they are real, and leave crazy comments. It's fun.


All The tattoos i did last week

I filmed every tattoo I did over a one week period, and put them all together to share with you in this video.  I don't always do big elaborate tattoos like you see in my portfolio. This will give you a good idea of the variety of work that I get, day to day.

tattooing for beginners: ep 1

This is a general overview of everything you need to know about tattooing. The first of a handful of episodes that will get you well on your way to full-on tattoo wizardry!

Tattooing with Prosthetic Hand

You have to see it to believe...a self-made prothetic tattoo hand.